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About Me


When I was a teenager I loved doing all my friends hair, but thought I was going to be a nurse. Summer before my senior year of high school I took a course to be come a CNA. I started working in a nursing home as a nurses assistant while I started college. I hated the nursing home and realized that wasn't my path. I dropped out of college and went to beauty school. So this began my 25 year career which has grown into a passion. I love building relationships with my clients and making them feel and look beautiful. I have also become a great listener while my clients open up about so many personal things and trust in my confidentiality.

I have become passionate about using cleaner and healthier products on my clients, my family, and myself. I have adapted to a more holistic approach to hairdressing. So you won't find any toxic fumes in my salon while receiving amazing color and texture services.  Another specialty that I have become passionate about is curly hair cutting techniques. I love taking a head of curls and sculpting it like a piece of art! Each head of curls is different and an exciting experience for me! Curly Hair requires different care and love than straight hair, which is why I continue to receive specialized training to provide my clients with the best care and knowledge.

My salon suite has been open for over two and a half years now and I am moving to a new location to start a new chapter in my life.  I couldn't be happier with my business growth, the amazing new clients I have gained  and the loyal ones who have been with me a long time!


On a personal level...I am a single mom of four amazing boys. They are 25, 23, 21, and almost 13. I am trying my best to teach them that with a great work ethic, a positive attitude and gratitude that anything is possible! 

In July of 2016 we moved from NW Indiana to Naples, Florida with the three youngest kids and are in paradise. Since then my oldest boy moved down here so currently have them all close by. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends when we can get together. The beach has always been a love of mine, but haven't spent much time there this year. Instead I have been cruising in my convertible soaking up the sun! The need for speed is real with me! I have also become obsessed with riding my Harley! My boyfriend and I ride with a group of friends all over Florida for fun, craziness, and to support different charities.

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